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Whether you are struggling to get a good and relaxing night’s sleep because of restricted breathing, nasal congestion, or snoring, or you are looking to optimize your airflow for your next visit to the gym, look no further than these Equate Extra Strength Tan Nasal Strips. Accept no substitutes – your total airflow solution is packed into every box. Each box contains 26 drug-free nasal strips to help you increase your total oxygen intake for better health and sound sleep. You will feel nasal congestion instantly and gently relieved the moment you apply the strips. The patented Smart-Flex Technology in every strip gives a 50 percent stronger lift, and our All-Night guarantee means you can finally rest peacefully knowing that your increased airflow will keep you comfortable throughout the night. Improve your air intake today with Nasal Strips.

Making the right health decisions can be challenging. With a complete range of products and simple solutions, Equate allows you to take care of your family with confidence.



Adhesive Strip



Assembled Product Weight

0.065 lb



Assembled Product Dimensions L x W x H

1.00 x 4.00 x 3.00 Inches



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10 reviews for Equate Extra Strength Tan Nasal Strips, 26 Count | GlobalOnlineMedStore.

  1. TexMick840

    I got these to help with snoring. My wife says I snore and I know I do it, so I thought I would give these a try and see if it helped. I could tell that they do help open up my nasal passages but I am not sure if they help with my snoring. The only negative is that after wearing it all night, it does tear at my skin on my nose as I remove the adhesive strip. I would suggest putting a warm, wet washcloth on your nose to help loosen it up before removing.

  2. ladyGadiva

    never used nasal strips before but I liked these , I could breath better and slept better . I would recommend them, I had a problem with me giving me a rash on my nose if I wore them to many nights in a row but that might have been just me .

  3. janecaboto

    The Equate nasal strips are clearly more effective than the original Breathe Right strips! They have a much better grip and feel lighter when applied. I would caution users to read the instructions carefully before attempting to remove the strips from your nose. I tried to remove the strip without washing my face while the strip was still attached and it did not come off easily. With the Breathe Right strips, they come off easily, but that said, I don’t believe they adhere to the skin as well. I think this feature, along with the flexible material they are made with, are the major reasons why the Equate nasal strips work better than the Breathe Right brand. I have allergy issues that have caused regular nasal congestion throughout my lifetime and these nasal strips work like a miracle—no more medication that has side effects or addictive tendencies. I wish this product was invented years ago! I highly recommend the Equate nasal strips and will definitely buy them in the future in place of the name brand ones that are most likely more expensive.

  4. fishingbuddy78

    Equate Nasal Strips were a disappointment. The package is marked “Extra Strength” and says it is 40% stronger compared to “Breathe Right” The problem I had with this product was it would not stick to your skin as advertised. To be fair I may have gotten a bad box of 26 . I have tried several and had the same problem with everyone I tried. I followed the directions on the package , first wash nose with soap and water and dry completely. Two: center over the nose, and press and hold for 30 seconds. To no avail, it would not stick firmly and would not stay on.
    As I said I may have gotten a bad box so I hope that is all it was as I like Walmart products .

  5. MommyMinski

    These new and improved flex technology nose strip are uncomfortable and slightly difficult to put on. Normally I use the Equate extra strength brand of nose strips. Usually the tan ones that have a bit of grip on them, and don’t easily rub off. While these nose strips are similar, they have added a new lifting flap to either side of the strips. These are the parts that are difficult because they fold under and stick to the other sides, so while trying to use just one strip, the first time I went through5 strips trying to get it on correctly. These strips are also longer, so these strips don’t fit as well as the original extra strength versions.

  6. Sonyuh

    Out of all the nose strips I’ve tried, these feel the least weird. I can breathe well and it doesn’t feel like I have a cast on my nose. It’s very comfortable. I will continue to use these.

  7. songoflove

    Equate Smart-Flex Extra Strength Nasal Strips, 26 count
    To my surprise works. I used strips during the day. After removing strips I could instantly feel an amazing relief from my nasal congestion. I especially loved that the Equate Smart-Flex Extra Strength Nasal Strips are a drug-free solution. It really could feel like it helped with breathing more easily. So I followed directions and applied the nasal strips directly to the top of my nose and I wore them for most of the morning. I am very happy with the outcome of using these strips.

  8. Sessra

    Nasal strips have always been hard for me to use because the bridge of my nose is short and wide. Also, they usually popped off within an hour. So, I decided to try Equate Smart-Flex Extra Strength Nasal Strips as a Spark Reviewer to see if they would work for me. Well, they do stay stuck on my nose. But, as you can see in the attached picture, they are too wide for the bridge of my nose and were pulling at my eyes. I took that one off and used another one, positioning it more toward the tip of my nose. It did stay on for several hours. However, I am not sure if I can say they benefited me in any way. I asked a friend with a longer nose bridge to try them. It went on perfectly and stayed on all night. She said she felt the airway in her nose stayed open and helped her with her stuffed up allergy nose. However, all nose strips work for her. So, bottom line: if you have a “normal” nose with a long enough nose bridge, these nose strips will work for you. The “extra-strength” feature will help them to stay on all night. But, if you’re like me with a short nose bridge that is closer to the face, I’m not sure these will work for you. Actually, I’m not sure they make nose strips for my kind of nose.

  9. Lisa

    These stick very well and stay on all night. They do not leave a rash or pulled the skin off your nose afterwards. Highly recommended.

  10. Lauren

    This is great. It’s not made with natural rubber latex so it’s safe for those with a latex allergy. That said, if you struggle with irritations from adhesive, you will wake up with a snotty nose and itchy eyes.
    This helps keep the nasal passages open and clear. Does a great job. Look for the one that says extra strength and safe for sensitive skin. It’s the best option and honestly works the same if not better than the name brand. 10/10.

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Equate Extra Strength Tan Nasal Strips, 26 Count | GlobalOnlineMedStore.


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