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Ativan is a brand name for the medication lorazepam, which belongs to a class of drugs called benzodiazepines. It’s primarily used to treat anxiety disorders, insomnia, seizures, and symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Here are some of its advantages and disadvantages:


1. **Rapid Relief**: Ativan is known for its quick onset of action, making it effective for managing acute anxiety or panic attacks.

2. **Muscle Relaxant**: It has muscle relaxant properties, which can be beneficial for conditions involving muscle tension or spasms.

3. **Seizure Control**: Ativan is sometimes used in the treatment of seizures, particularly when other medications are ineffective.

4. **Short-term Insomnia Relief**: It can help individuals with insomnia, especially if anxiety is a contributing factor, although it’s typically not recommended for long-term use due to the risk of dependence.


1. **Risk of Dependence**: Like other benzodiazepines, Ativan has a high potential for dependence and tolerance, especially with long-term use. Abrupt discontinuation can lead to withdrawal symptoms, including rebound anxiety, insomnia, tremors, and seizures.

2. **Sedation**: Ativan can cause drowsiness and sedation, which may impair cognitive and motor functions. It’s important to avoid activities that require mental alertness, such as driving or operating machinery, while taking Ativan.

3. **Memory Impairment**: Benzodiazepines like Ativan can cause memory impairment, particularly at higher doses or with prolonged use. This effect can range from mild forgetfulness to more severe anterograde amnesia, where new memories are not formed properly.

4. **Risk of Overdose**: Ativan can depress the central nervous system, especially when combined with other substances that have a similar effect, such as alcohol or opioids. Overdose can lead to respiratory depression, coma, or even death, particularly if large doses are consumed.

5. **Potential for Drug Interactions**: Ativan can interact with other medications, including other central nervous system depressants, certain antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and antihistamines. These interactions can potentiate the sedative effects of Ativan and increase the risk of adverse reactions.

6. **Tapering Challenges**: Discontinuing Ativan can be challenging due to the risk of withdrawal symptoms. Tapering off the medication gradually under medical supervision is typically recommended to minimize withdrawal effects.


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22 reviews for Ativan 1mg | Vital Drugs Store

  1. Vida

    I’m caught :) Find my love and will never buy in any other shop.

  2. Ona

    I think this is amazing. Lots of features and customizable from every point of view. The few times I asked for help in support they were competent, fast and above all very patient. Really recommend

  3. Vella

    Thank you guys for this amazing creation! Absolutely mind-blowing!

  4. Karlee

    Been using a lot of items, this one is obviously the best

  5. Jayde

    Just love the design and the customer support is the nicest.

  6. Randi

    Wished I had found this sooner, it took me a lot of money and time until I found my dream product here!

  7. Emmanuelle

    This is the coolest thing I’ve found on here! Will keep using your products in the future!

  8. Nathanael

    I have Severe Anxiety Panic Disorder started when I was a child. I have been taking Xanax For over 30 years now. Everyday 4 pills really bad days I was taking 6 pills. My doctor has retired and now I have a new doctor that is cutting me off. From Taking 4 pills everyday they only gave me enough for 1/2 of a pill everyday. I’m never able to sleep I have extreme insomnia, anxiety and extreme panic attacks that plague me everyday. I was shocked at how much they cut me off and so quickly. Right now I am in critical condition. They say I had my monthly limit. I was able to function when I was given Xanax. I was able to sleep normal and eat and live a normal life. I have taken Xanax for over 30 years-long. It is truly inhumane. My body Relies on taking a medicine everyday and cutting me OFF. My body’s not being able to handle the shock of the withdrawal symptoms will be really hard on my body. Some People REALLY DO NEED Xanax

  9. Fanny

    Think everyone should know about this, it’s just beyond my expectations

  10. Christy

    I like this item and also the customer service of them.

  11. Vickie

    It’s far better than those similar products, while the price is still acceptable.

  12. Elvie

    Great item! It provides too many things compared to its price charged.

  13. Margarita

    This is the best support for a product I had so far, they reply quickly and solve themselves the problems most of the time. Kudos guyz

  14. Jon

    I’ve had GAD since a child, losing a parent early. My first panic attack was at 12, not knowing why I was suddenly unable to breathe. After repeated traumatic experiences, I developed a social aversion that rapidly turned into severe agoraphobia. Without this life-saving drug, I would have never been able to have a recording career, find my spouse, and live a normal life. The days I am using this medication are 100x more productive and filled with joy…I’m sick of seeing only negative propaganda about Xanax. If you are a responsible adult who uses it properly, it is not harmful. If you use a heart medication each day, and it keeps you healthy, are you “addicted” to that? It’s the same with anxiety. Mental health is just as serious as the physical. Just because some are abusing it, doesn’t mean judge those who use it correctly. I appreciate everything this med has done for me!

  15. Abigale

    Quite easy to use, nice design, surely will buy again

  16. Brice

    The item and the design are very cool. Also the support is amazing, they always help you with any detail that you have.

  17. Dereck

    I rarely leave a comment, but this item is beyond worth it! Gotta let you guys know!

  18. Mohammad

    I received a personalized and attentive treatment. Thanks to this deal, I was able to find a solution to my problem in a short time. :)

  19. Lucious

    Good response from the support.

  20. Marshall

    I want to say thanks to the support team for helping with my continuously silly questions, you’re the best!

  21. Tyra

    Been using it for a while, I usually don’t write a review but this time I am truly convinced to write.

  22. Connie

    An awesome product with great flexibility. The customer support is superb. I recommend this without any doubt.

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